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Posted Date 2/05/2020

Job summary:

The Ephraim Historical Foundation is seeking a part-time Museum Docent for the 2020 Season. The Docents are critical to the continued success of the Ephraim Historical Foundation’s mission. The Docents frequently are the first representative of the EHF that visitors meet, and this initial encounter will set the tone for a guest’s experience while touring the EHF’s historic buildings and exhibits. Docents are in the unique position to represent Ephraim to visitors and educate these visitors on the history and culture of Ephraim. In addition to the role of interpreter and ambassador, Docents help to maintain and clean the exhibition areas and other public areas as needed, and assist staff with office work and archival work as needed. Hours range 3-5 days per week, 10:00am – 4:15pm Tuesday through Saturday. Must be willing to work some Saturdays. Educators strongly encouraged to apply. The dates for the 2020 season are June 16 – October 17 and docents will be paid $13.50 hourly.

For questions, contact John Grochowski at or 920-854-9688.


Responsibilities of the EHF seasonal docents include the following:

  • Developing a strong working knowledge of all the EHF museum buildings and being prepared to work in a variety of EHF museum setting as scheduled. The EHF requires the flexibility to adapt scheduling as needed with regards to emergencies, illnesses, etc. We recognize docents have building preferences and we try to accommodate these preferences, but the operating needs of the EHF are paramount.
  • Being familiar with the material provided in EHF Docent Handbook, which includes operational information and general history of both the Ephraim Historical Foundation and the village of Ephraim.
  • Presenting the EHF in a professional and friendly manner.
  • Arriving in the scheduled building on time and remain there until the end of the working day, unless otherwise confirmed with the Director of Operations.
    • Opening and closing buildings at the scheduled times (Anderson Store, Pioneer School, Iverson House 10:45am – 4:15pm; Anderson Barn 10:00am – 4:15pm).
  • Arranging for substitutes in the event of a scheduling conflict and notifying John Grochowski of the change.
  • Developing entertaining and educational interpretations and presenting these interpretations to the public in an engaging manner.
    • These presentations should include information about the following:
      • the history and function of the buildings in which the docents work
      • the history, heritage, culture, and identity of the Village of Ephraim and its people
      • the history and mission of the Ephraim Historical Foundation
  • Greeting visitors, selling tour tickets, and informing visitors about the various EHF events and programs.
  • Acquainting visitors with building layout, history, and any special exhibit or display.
  • Being available to give informed and accurate answers to visitors’ questions, and being able to direct them to the correct source if the answer is not known.
  • Maintaining the cash box and keeping accurate records of admissions, sales, and donations.
  • Informing visitors about EHF membership and the benefits of membership.
  • Helping with archival and office projects as needed and as directed by the staff, and as visitors allow.
  • Wiping down artifacts and shelves with microfiber cloths, or with another correct cleaning product as provided and instructed by the staff.
  • Completing daily light housekeeping: (Each building will be stocked with a cleaning kit and this kit will included all the correct cleaners and necessary equipment for light housekeeping).
    • Cleaning the glass on display cases
    • Dusting with hand duster as needed
    • Sweeping and/or mopping as needed
  • Maintaining (e.g. refilling toilet paper and hand soap etc.) and cleaning the bathroom (sweep floor, take out garbage, clean toilet etc.) as needed.
  • Stocking all literature as needed.
  • Notifying John Grochowski if items (e.g. literature, toilet paper, etc.) are needed or missing.
    • Restocking Request forms and Suggestion Forms will be made available by EHF staff.
  • Anderson Barn specifics:
    • Tidying up Hayloft at the beginning and the end of the day.
    • The Anderson Barn is the hub for all tour ticket sales (trams and walking) and the Barn Docent is responsible for maintain sales records and informing visitors about these different tours.
    • Calling the other docents working to notify them of the size of the walking and tram tours.
    • Assisting the tram driver with the tram if needed.
  • Anderson Store specifics:
    • Restocking merchandise and candy on the shelves as needed.
    • Notifying staff if addition merchandise, candy, or other items (e.g. paper bags) need to be replenished.
      • Restocking Request forms and Suggestion Forms will be made available by EHF staff.
    • Sorting and bagging hollyhock seeds.
    • Maintaining the building and flowers as needed and as visitors allow.
  • Pioneer School and Goodletson Cabin specifics:
    • Check displays in the Goodletson Cabin daily.
    • Clean chalkboards (both slates and larger boards) as needed.
  • Iverson House & Groenfeldt Stable Specifics:
    • Check displays in Iverson House and basement daily.
    • Check displays in Groenfeldt daily.
Salary13.50 Hour
Part-Time | Seasonal
Guides (Tour/Outdoor Recreation) | Teaching/Instruction

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