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Posted Date 10/25/2021

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Hello prospective One Barrel Brewing team members! We are very excited to bring our tasty brews and laid-back attitude to Egg Harbor in Spring of 2019. If you aren’t familiar with our nanobrewery roots in Madison, WI, or our widespread distribution beers like The Commuter Kölsch or Penguin Pale Ale, then feel free to peruse our website and check out what we do. We are pretty cool if that isn’t apparent from the website.


Our taproom in Egg Harbor is set to open in early May of 2019 and we are quite excited about the whole thing. We will be serving our own craft beer and hard cider on draft along with some draft root beer for the kids and designated drivers to enjoy. No liquor or cocktails! The taproom interior will feature a long bar and several tables with a capacity of around 100 guests, a gift shop for sweet One Barrel apparel, and a brewery area that will produce hand crafted beer at some future date. While the taproom interior is going to be delightful, the outdoor beer garden is going to be THE place to be in the wonderful warm Wisconsin months. All two of them. The beer garden will have a capacity of around 200 people, with beertenders serving the suds through a large concession-style window that opens from behind the taproom bar (Think retractable garage door style concession window along the side of the building.)


Oh, and did I forget to mention that Door County favorites Wild Tomato will have a permanent ToGo window in the taproom where they will be selling delicious, delicious pizza? Yes, that is also happening. And yes, it is amazing.


What we are looking for:

Bussers/Merch Store Attendant: We are currently looking for a high energy, hard working Busser/Merch Store Attendant for the new season. These will be the utility players of the One Barrel team. This role's primary job is to clear tables, take out trash, assist the bartenders with current needs, and when in the gift shop provide retail customer service, in an accommodating and professional manner. 


Essential Job Functions:  • Clearing plastic and glassware from indoor and outdoor tables efficiently and cordially • Helping set up and break down the outdoor area  • Assisting with events  •  Generally being a go-to resource for keeping our guests happy and tended to • Refill water stations • Stock bathroom, bar, and gift shop necessities •  Provide professional and courteous service to all guests • Ability to work evenings, holidays and weekends • Ability to be on your feet for long periods of time • Generally being a go-to resource for keeping our guests happy and tended to •

Job Type: Full-time, Part-time or Seasonal

Location: Egg Harbor, Door County, WI

Salary: Based on Experience 

BEERTENDERS!:  We want upbeat and hardworking people who will pour our hand-crafted beer and cider with care and positivity. Whether working behind the taproom bar, selling stylish merch and ToGo beer in the gift shop, serving up icy cold brews to the outdoor party people, or helping to keep the whole place clear of refuse, we are all about a team effort. Don’t play well with others? This is not the gig for you!

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