Job Seeker FAQs

What kinds of jobs are available in Door County? What industries are hiring? What skills or work experience do I need?

Door County is a premier travel destination with a wide variety of entry and advanced positions in businesses that enhance the lives of our residents and help our visitors make the most of their stay.  We also have some very cool and often unusual manufacturing going on - from Shipbuilding to the production of microscopic medical screws - healthcare to environmental sciences, and much more than you might ever expect to find in this beautiful place.

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Most jobs posted on this website do not require substantial or formal experience. While previous experience in service or hospitality work is a plus, most employers are looking for workers with a good attitude, solid work ethic, and friendly demeanor.


Who applies for Door County jobs?

Door County employers are interested in workers of all stripes, backgrounds, life experiences, and educational backgrounds. Many people use the opportunity to work an odd job, or spend a few weeks, months, or a season in Door County.  And, there are many exciting opportunities for full-time, year-round employment for all ages, backgrounds, and experiences for those who are called to make Door County their home.   

Watch for new Side Hustle postings for occasional or short-term opportunities to get out of the house and/or pick up a few hours to earn a little extra money - and the launch of Door County Match-up, which aims to connect our aging residents and those with special abilities with employers who are trained to work with and help support employees who need a little extra care and advocacy.  


What if I want to work in Door County but am not a U.S. citizen?

Door County Employers hire workers from all walks of life and geographical backgrounds. Workers who are citizens of other countries are welcome to apply for jobs and work in Door County, but they will need to acquire the proper documentation to prove their identities and that they are eligible to work in the U.S.

Please visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website to learn more.


When should I start applying for summer jobs?

Wickman House Kitchen-02

Employers are looking to fill positions for summer work as soon as the fall and winter, but many jobs can be applied for and secured as late as spring. Keep in mind summer is Door County's busy season, so most employers will want to hire workers far ahead of the summer season.


I'm a college student. Are there employers who will hire me during my summer break?

Yes, in fact many of our seasonal workers are students from nearby colleges or universities. Summer is the busiest season for tourism in Door County, but this business tapers off as fall and winter arrive, so seasonal workers are in demand.


Do employers provide housing? What if I want to accept a job offer but the employer doesn't offer housing?

As a rule, employers do not provide housing for employees. However, some employers do offer employee housing. Visit the Employee Housing Offered category to see a list of available jobs that are currently able to offer housing opportunities. 


I submitted one or more applications through the website. Now what?

After you've submitted your profile to a job posting, it's in the employer's hands. He or she will contact you via phone or email if they are interested in beginning the interview process with you. If you haven't heard from an employer, please contact them for more information. is not involved in the interview or hiring process.


How do I get to Door County? Does the area have public transportation?

Door County is accessible by major highways and is within driving distance from Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and the cities and towns in between. The area has a number of small airports and can even be accessed by ferry. Learn more about getting to Door County.

Door County does not have a formal public transportation system. There are several taxi cab companies and ride-sharing programs in the area and most towns are walkable or bikeable, but a car is often required to get around the peninsula.