Employer FAQs

Who might be applying to the jobs I post?

While there is no typical applicant, many job seekers are college students, international students, and people who want to work in service and resort industries.


What information should I include in a job posting?

The more information, the better. It's good practice to be as thorough as possible when filling out a job post. Please enter accurate information into every field, and try to provide as many specific details about the job as you can. Knowing the job duties, the potential pay, location, contact person, and feel of the business instills confidence in job seekers and often means you'll get higher-quality candidates.


How do I make my job postings stand out from the crowd?

Providing specific details about the job and your business is the best way to attract applicants. Try to paint a vivid picture of what a typical shift looks like and the duties the applicant would be required to perform. In other words, sell or describe the experience as specifically, accurately, and thoroughly as possible.


Is jobsindoorcounty.com free? What are the benefits of using this site?

Yes, posting a job on JobsinDoorCounty.com is free for all business owners in the Door County area. Job posts on this site can help you garner more visibility for both the job and your business. Job seekers most often use the web to find job opportunities, and having a one-stop destination to look at job postings and find new ones can be an invaluable resource for you and your business.


What does it mean to be a Destination Door County Partner?

Together, we can open doors. Destination Door County’s mission is to inspire travel that drives community enhancement. Through innovation and partnerships, we share stories of Door County’s people and places, deliver world-class experiences, strengthen the industry, work to ensure all travelers feel welcome, and preserve Door County’s way of life and its natural resources.

Partnership with Destination Door County is FREE, easy, and open to all businesses located in Door County. We are proud to promote a vibrant business community, a healthy local economy, and a renewed sense of place for those who call Door County home. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts — join us on our mission.

Visit our Partnership page on DoorCounty.com to learn about our partner benefits - or Let's Get Started to sign up, today!