Night Security | Seasonal (May - November) | Full Time Hours (5 nights 11:00p-7:00a)

Landmark Resort | Egg Harbor, WI

Posted Date 5/26/2023

Primary Objective of Position:

Provide supervision of Landmark property. Provide security and safety of guests and employees. Protect interest of condominium owners of the resort. 


Major Areas of Accountability:

1. Makes periodic checks of entire resort to detect potential sources of security problems or fire hazards and take corrective action 

2. Maintains constant surveillance throughout the resort for unauthorized persons.

3. Aids management and supervisors to properly enforce security measures

4. Responds to emergency medical calls to give proper emergency care

5. Handles initial investigations and takes the reports on thefts, assaults, lost or damaged property, car accidents, noise complaints, domestic problems, vandalism, suspicious activities, drunks, and alarms to assure proper acquisition and processing of information.

6. Keep areas free of safety hazard by reporting hazards to supervisors.

7. Performs other related duties as required or assigned.


Hours: 11:30p-7:00a 


  • Driver's License 
  • Must be able to walk 75% of the shift
Salary20.00 Hour
Full-Time | Seasonal
Hospitality/Customer Service

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